Clinical Research Institute of Michigan

Clinical Research Institute of Michigan, LLC is the future of medicine in Macomb County and surrounding areas. We partner with global and national pharmaceutical companies to research new, innovative ways to prevent and treat a variety of medical conditions.


Our experienced clinicians and physicians offer patients the best of available care as well as new therapeutic options for the management of complicated problems. The underlying goal is to provide the best care possible to our patients.

What is a FibroScan?

FibroScan is a specialized ultrasound machine for your liver. It measures fibrosis (scarring) and steatosis (fatty change) in your liver. … It can be used alone or with other tests (such as blood tests, imaging scans, or biopsies) that also measure scarring or fatty change in your liver

Who needs a FibroScan?

Your physician may recommend a FibroScan® test if you have one of the following chronic liver conditions:

• hepatitis B
hepatitis C
• alcoholic liver disease
non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)
• autoimmune hepatitis
• genetic diseases such as hemochromatosis and Wilson’s disease

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Fibroscans are available to the public and can be performed without an order from your doctor.